About Aric

The Automotive & Rail Innovation Center is a research institution for the promotion and implementation of applied research in automotive engineering, especially in the field of electronics. It is your contact for all matters relating to the development and testing of electronic or electro-mechanical functions in the automotive sector and in rail vehicles. Many years of industrial experience guarantee profound knowledge and a reliable and professional implementation.

Based on questions concerning driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, ARIC develops multi-sensor systems for position, environment and collision detection. For this purpose, comprehensive algorithms for data processing and fusion are developed and integrated and tested in complete systems.

Another focus is the use of satellite-based information, e.g. for precise positioning (Galileo, GPS, EGNOS, …), especially for dynamic applications in vehicles. To increase accuracy, reliability and availability, satellite data is fused with other sensor data, e.g. from IMU or visual odometry.

In this context, ARIC also led the establishment of the Galileo research and test fields ‘automotiveGATE’ and ‘railGATE’, which were built with funding from the German government. In addition, we operate the REDUS geodetic reference track, where every type of position sensor is tested and validated with high precision – and above all also in dynamic use.

In addition, ARIC has many years of experience in the implementation of national and international research projects (DLR/BMWI, NRW-EFRE/PtJ, EU-FP7 & H2020, Interreg), both as project partner and as consortium leader and coordinator.