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STRIKE3 Project

STRIKE3 was a new European initiative to support the increasing use of GNSS within safety, security, governmental and regulated applications. The aim of STRIKE3 was to develop international standards in the area of GNSS threat reporting and GNSS receiver testing.

This has been achieved through the deployment and operation of an international GNSS interference monitoring network to capture the scale and dynamics of the problem, and through work with international GNSS partners to develop, negotiate, promote and implement standards for threat reporting and receiver testing.

STRIKE3 was a 3-year EU-H2020-project kindly co-funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA).
It has been active from 1. February 2016 to 31. January 2019.

Major STRIKE3 Achievements:

  • Monitoring stations have been installed in 23 countries around the globe
  • More than 450.000 GNSS-L1/E1 interference signals have been captured and analysed
  • Therefore, about 73.000 interferences have been identified and classified as major impact on GNSS, whereas 59.000 of these where identified as jammer signals
  • A central data base has been defined and implemented to store the characteristic parameters of the detected interference signals. The specification of the STRIKE3 database has been developed and published. It can be downloaded from this webpage.
  • The jammer signals are being used to test receivers on their robustness.
  • Six different receivers from four categories such as mass-market, professional, integrated, and timing receivers had been tested to analyse their characteristics against real treats
  • Therefore, the draft standards on receiver testing against threats has been generated and issued and can get downloaded from this webpage.

Michael Richey Medal

In October 2017, a paper was created on ‘GNSS Threat Monitoring and Reporting: Past, Present and a Proposed Future’ for the Journal of Navigation. This paper has very recently won the Michael Richey Medal from The Royal Institute of Navigation for the best paper in 2018. The medal was presented by HRH The Princess Royal at the Royal Institute of Navigation in London on Tuesday 16th July 2019. This paper is available to interested readers via the following link:

---> Download here

HRH The Princess Royal at the Royal Institute of Navigation in London

STRIKE3 Project Reports

Various documents have been generated to document the outcomes of STRIKE3 project and can be downloaded here:


The project website will stay online that everybody interested in this subject will be able to download all material even beyond the STRIKE3 project time.

We strongly believe that the draft standards which have been developed on the STRIKE3, i.e. for the STRIKE3 data-base to collect and analyse GNSS interference signals as well as for receiver testing, are predestined to be used for further standardisation work.

Also, the STRIKE3 forum will be continued and hopefully will become a platform for exchanging information and continue the communication within the jammer defending community. All parties involved in STRIKE3 project will continue fighting against these threats.

Finally the project team wants to thank very much the European Commission and the European GNSS Agency at Prague for making all this possible.

Please watch the STRIKE3 project video:

If you'd like to know more about the STRIKE3 service and how it could be used within your application then please contact us at info@gnss-strike3.eu for more information.

International Threat Suppression

Monitor & Capturing
Central Logging Analysis & Reporting
Receiver Testing for Robustness



International Threat Database Reporting Standard



Project Outcomes: Documents Available NOW:

The following documents on the project's outcomes are available.

  • STRIKE3 ScoreCard
    ScoreCards showing results on analysis of international GNSS interference monitoring stations --> here

  • STRIKE3 Reporting Standards Document 2.1 available --> here

  • STRIKE3 Receiver Testing Document available for download --> here


Signal-to-Noise of GNSS Signals


Disturbed RF Power


Jammer Spectogram (Example)

International Sensor Network
International Standards
International Threat Database

The STRIKE3 project is supported by European Commission funding within the programme H2020 through the European GNSS Agency (GSA).


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